The Uber of Agencies: Why Marketers Want to Ride With a New Kind of Shop (st)

Original link from Ad Age.

The agency model of the future might just Uber.

Over the last decade, agencies have kept up with emerging technologies by snapping up companies with expertise in digitial, social and mobile. But Kimberly-Clark Chief Marketing Officer Clive Sirkin has said the industry is changing too fast to keep pace by buying things. Instead, he suggested an Uber-like approach: managing the traffic without owning the ride, or in the case of agencies, owning the relationship with a client, the strategy and data without owning the execution. Though Mr. Sirkin, himself a former Leo Burnett executive, said he doesn’t want to tell the agency holding companies how to run their business, if he were running one, he would ask: “What’s the Uber look for us?”